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Research & Marketing

AI based market research platform with synthetic profiles

Stepwise was contacted by a company that already has their own technological solutions for collecting data from a variety of IoT sensors (end devices, e.g. Raspberry Pi). Their current device aggregates, stores and processes data for external clients.

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Industry 4.0, Manufacturing

Optimisation of production line parameters with VertexAI

Manufacturing efficiency in factories is subject to a wide range of constantly changing factors. Machine operators and other qualified production workers need to keep monitoring the particular stages of production and, if need be, respond appropriately and immediately. These manual technical activities may take a few hours, generating bottlenecks in the manufacturing process.

Data AnalysisIndustry 4.0Machine Learning
Machine Learning for Industry 4.0 cover


Geospatial Data analytics platform modernization

Stepwise was contacted by a company that already has their own technological solutions for collecting data from a variety of IoT sensors (end devices, e.g. Raspberry Pi). Their current device aggregates, stores and processes data for external clients.

BackendCloud-Native PlatformScalability & Migration
Case_Cloud native platform


Automated flight permit system

A client, PERMITS to Fly, came to us with an idea. Based on their many years of experience in the aviation industry, they decided to create a digital product that will automate the permit application process. All based on ICAO and IATA standards. The question was how to create a reliable and useful solution that would meet all the requirements of such a demanding industry?

Data VisualizationR&DUX/UI Design
Automated flight permit system copy1

Ontology and taxonomy management

Intelligent Taxonomy Manager

Mondeca is a company that develops market-leading software for taxonomy, ontology, and content annotation management. They have over 10 years of successful experience delivering products to major organizations in Europe and North America. 

Cloud MonitoringCloud-Native PlatformTaxonomy
case study: Intelligent Taxonomy Manager


Data driven prop-tech platform

Spica Technologies Ltd is a global prop-tech company, offering services and technologies for the management of properties, facilities and building equipment. The main area of cooperation with Stepwise is developing a cloud-based platform for workplace experience management.

Cloud-Native PlatformDevOpsScalability & Migration
cover: Stepwise Case Study: Data driven prop-tech platform created in Flutter


AI Platform for risk decision engine

We created a fully scalable SaaS platform, which is now successfully implemented by 4 end clients. We have conducted complex integrations with 3rd party solutions offering risk assessment and borrower verification services. We have made sure that the final product follows the PSD2 and GDPR guidelines.

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Real Estate

Digital Passport for Buildings

Digital Building Passport is our response to the changing world - protecting the environment through energy saving and the EU directive on reducing energy consumption by 2050.The application is intended mainly for property managers, construction developers and local government institutions. It will allow to easily, e.g. control buildings status, plan renovation.

Cloud-Native PlatformData VisualizationUX/UI Design
cover_Digital Passport


Network Monitoring Tool for Telecom

Telecom Company works with its customers to plan, run and optimize their mobile networks to increase performance, customer satisfaction, market position and return on investment. Established during the fast growth of the mobile communications market in the nineties, Telecom Company has established itself as a competent, reliable and flexible key player in the market.

Cloud MonitoringDevOpsUX/UI Design
Net speed test cover

Healthcare, Accessibility Innovations

Mobile App for NGO

Since 2003, Signes de sens has been making learning, information and culture accessible to people with sensory, cognitive, mental and psychological disabilities. They provide concrete solutions to the problems encountered by the most vulnerable people, and thus improve the experience of all, in a logic of universal design.

Cloud-Native PlatformNGOR&D
case picture: an application supporting the daily functioning of autistic children

Energy, Utilities, Smart Grid, Smart Cities

Smart Integration Platform for Digital Utilities

The platform itself is cloud native by definition and built around cutting-edge technologies. The main challenge was to help end customers integrate various systems easier and faster by providing pre-defined connectors, adapters and a monitoring system. Another challenge we had to face was management of complex data flows ...

BackendCloud-Native PlatformEnergy
case study: Smart Integration Platform for Digital Utilities

Fintech, Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy funding acquisition portal

The client tried to create an ambitious and sophisticated SaaS platform targeted at the broadly understood Renewable Energy sector in the German market. The solution was to connect the world of private investors, visionaries and local businesses with the world of finance and corporations ready to invest in a quickly developing sector of the economy.

BackendCloud-Native PlatformFintech
Case study: Renewable Energy funding acquisition portal

Digital Marketing

Digital Platform for capital raise and investors attraction

From a business perspective the main challenge was to ensure the user an easy and fluent experience with the app while they start one of the 5 marketing programs. The UX Design phase was crucial here and due to the Time To Market factor it had to be carried out in parallel to the software development process.

BackendCloud-Native PlatformMarket Research
Case Study: Data-driven investor marketing firm

Business Consulting

Digital Transformation in Cloud

We conducted a thorough technical audit of the currently used systems and implemented cloud solutions based on GCP and Azure. The project involved a full configuration of the cloud infrastructure as well as performance improvements in the existing systems to allow real-time processing of large data quantities.

Cloud-Native PlatformData AnalysisDevOps

Healthcare, Public

Web application for data analysis

Codersco, our big data partner from Amsterdam, was building a platform that integrates public healthcare data from different sources. They needed someone to design and develop the platform’s frontend that could be used by a group of diverse end users ranging from the Dutch Ministry of Health to patients and providers.

Cloud-Native PlatformData AnalysisData Visualization

Business App

Interface for Detecting Emotions

Qemotion is an AI company that specializes in the development and distribution of online marketing based on emotional analysis. They are a worldwide leader in detecting emotional impact in customer reviews, comments and emails which can be later translated into actionable insights for marketing strategies and business decisions.

Cloud-Native PlatformData VisualizationR&D

Unstructured Data Analysis

Interface for Smart Content Factory

A modern, efficient and scalable user interface was created for the Content Auto-tagging Manager system. On the basis of the refreshed application, the Customer may at any time be able to reuse components in the entire range of his applications.The outcome of our work is an improved end user journey experience, resulting ...

Cloud MonitoringCloud-Native PlatformDevOps

Market Research Industry

Market Research Platform

A Dutch-Singapore startup contacted us with a request to build a product that will focus on technological capabilities for the market research industry, improving the management and deployment of questionnaires, survey data and data integration projects.

Cloud-Native PlatformMarket ResearchR&D

Shared Office, Office as a Service, Coworking

Intelligent Meeting Booking System

Roomzilla contacted Stepwise with a request to help develop the frontend part of their application in Vue.js technology. Our team, although experienced in various frontend technologies, very quickly had to jump to a high level in this technology that we have never previously used commercially.

Cloud-Native PlatformR&DReal Estate

Online Sport Media

Online Media Google Cloud infra refinement

After a short audit and analysis of the technical problem, Stepwise decided to transfer all WordPress servers to the Kubernetes cluster, which provided Service discovery and load balancing, Storage orchestration, Automated rollouts and rollbacks, self-healing, auto-scaling, and monitoring, alerting.

Cloud MonitoringData AnalysisScalability & Migration

Consulting & Advisory

Marketplace for Consultants

Clearvision approached us with an idea for a product, defined business model and target audience. In this case, the biggest problem was the technological stack imposed by the IT department, which was great for a MVP, but would not work at all when scaling.

Cloud-Native PlatformData AnalysisDevOps


Scaling up Mobile App

Our client already has a working mobile application for managing sports teams (football teams, basketball teams etc.). The application had features like scheduling training sessions, games and communicating with players. Additionally, you could track the results of major leagues in a given country. There was also a betting feature with integrated payments.

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