Stepwise Benefits

What we can offer you

Great Work Environment

We carefully choose everyone on our team and keep everything friendly. And we value communication and honesty above all.

Smooth Onboarding

We know that joining a new team is nerve wracking so we set up onboarding processes to make it easy and quick for you to get to know us.

No Corporate Talk

There’s no corporate procedures and boring paperwork here. We strive for agility and efficiency so there’s no place for small, mundane tasks that might hold us back.

Control Over Your Work

At Stepwise, you will have the freedom to choose your tech stack based on your expertise and the project’s needs. We trust you to be the expert

Opportunities To Grow

Each person on the team gets their own budget to develop their skills and learn new things. Whether you’d like to become a better developer or step up your soft skills – we’ve got you.

Perks & Benefits

We think that caring for people is how you show them appreciation, so at Stepwise you will get free lunches, private healthcare, gym memberships, 1:1 English classes with a native speaker and more!

International Clients

We carefully choose each company we work with. It’s all about the connection and chemistry. We want you to feel good about the work you do.

Modern Office

Both literally and figuratively. There’s no dress codes and outdated procedures. We have a startup-like atmosphere and a flat company structure.

Great Team

Everyone will tell you that they have a great team. And we’re saying – come and check it out!

Warsaw, Poland

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#product design

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