About Us

In Stepwise people always come first - both our employees and our customers.


At Stepwise, we stand out in the PRACTICAL applications of AI and Machine Learning, offering straightforward solutions to your business needs.

Our services focus on AI Consulting & Strategy, Data & Machine Learning Engineering, and AI Software Development, specializing in ChatGPT, Google BigQuery, Vertex.ai, Python, Kotlin, Google Cloud Platform and Terraform.

We are one of the fastest-growing technology companies, awarded with the Deloitte Fast 50 Central Europe title.


„We empower companies to dominate their markets with AI and Machine Learning solutions.”


“To supercharge companies worldwide with AI & Machine Learning, pushing beyond conventional boundaries and offering groundbreaking approaches to business challenges.”


Meet The Team

Krzysztof Szukieć

Krzysztof Szukieć

Radek Grębski

Radosław Grębski

Rafał Gorzkowski
Chief Cloud Architect

Rafał Gorzkowski

Stephen Wise
Backend Developer

Stephen Wise

Kinga Wydrych
Human Relations Manager

Kinga Wydrych

Kajetan Kozielec
TA Specialist

Kajetan Kozielec

Katarzyna Alexandrowitsch
Office Coordinator

Kasia Alexandrowitsch

Scrum Master

Kamil Sikora

Paweł Wysocki
Backend Lead Developer

Paweł Wysocki

Multi-Disciplinary Software Developer

Łukasz Pięta

Senior Backend Developer

Jan Pluta

Senior Backend Developer

Rafał Staśkiewicz

Senior Backend Developer

Wiktor Bielakow

Mid Backend Developer

Konstanty Skarżyński

Mateusz Muszyński
Flutter Developer

Mateusz Muszyński

Joanna Linczuk
Data Scientist

Joanna Linczuk, PhD

Machine Learning Engineer

Natalia Ziemba


5 reasons to work with us

  1. We are your guide in a rapidly evolving AI environment. With us, you’re not just buying services – you’re investing in a long-term partnership.
  2. Each member of our team is a business-minded individual – we understand that technology serves to achieve business goals, not vice versa.
  3. Our Elite Teams are formed around senior architects and visionary tech leaders.
  4. Our Data Science team is led by a PhD expert who has crafted their skills on Twitter’s algorithms.
  5. Our C-level executives are actively involved in the building process, contributing their invaluable insights.

Hire the Elite Team!

The EliteTeam concept is based on the principles of creating and executing projects by a highly specialized technical team with strong business competencies.

Instead of assembling large teams of individuals with mainly junior competence, we offer a specialized group of 5-15 engineers with regular and senior competencies, supervised by a CTO, CIO, and a Solution Architect. It is essential in such a complex domain like AI & ML.

1<br />
Business always<br />
comes first

Business always
comes first

Each of our technologists uniquely combines business insight with coding skills, ensuring that technology is only a means to achieve company objectives.
2<br />
Project outcomes<br />

Project outcomes

Success metrics are carved in stone from the get-go, aligning our sights with your strategic skyline.
3<br />
Communication<br />
is our top skill

is our top skill

Sharpened through coaching sessions, we ensure our team members can translate your vision into the language of AI.
4<br />
Data Science, Backend, Cloud<br />
- Our Three Core Strengths

Data Science, Backend, Cloud
- Our Three Core Strengths

Success metrics are carved in stone from the get-go, aligning our sights with your strategic skyline.
5<br />
C-level actively involved<br />
in projects

C-level actively involved
in projects

Our top executives are in the building process, contributing their invaluable insights (project setup & ongoing expertise).