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Transform a chaotic wave of information into a digital fuel stream for your business.
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What are the benefits of Data Science?

Stepwise will help you create an advanced Data-Driven Company. We will make the best use of the data orbiting your business to increase the profits of your company and improve your organisation’s internal processes.

Extremely valuable information about customers, processes, products and services come to you through a variety of channels every day. With Data Science you can shape this torrent of chaotic information into a digital stream of fuel for your business. Advanced algorithms and practical tools gather, store, process and analyse the information your company collects. As a result, technology can enhance the experiences of your clients and employees, as well as meet investors’ expectations.

Cover sales optimisation

Sales optimisation

Sales, especially in e-commerce, in addition to the financial profits, delivers a lot of information that can serve your company in developing products, improving service quality, increasing customer satisfaction and managing sales channels in an economic manner. Our sales optimization technology makes the best calculations for you – You make the best sales decisions.

Enhancement of decision processes

The best business leaders emphasise that good information is most important in their work, which shows that business decisions should be based on knowledge. Today, you can gain knowledge in a split second. Our cloud solutions will speed up and facilitate decision making processes.

More effective resource management

Your company handles gigabytes of data every day. We will show you that information about your clients, products, quality of services and internal processes carries definite answers to issues that every business copes with. Make the best decisions and instantly respond to changes in the business environment of your company.

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What do we offer?

Our analytical solutions and machine learning technologies will process and analyse the collected data. Thanks to cloud technologies, you get the necessary feedback in real time. Data Science will also make it possible to present results in a clear manner, which will help you convince others of your decisions.

Sales-related statistical data, feedback from clients and business partners, data regarding website traffic and the actions of your application users only appear as chaotic sets of figures.

With innovative technologies, Stepwise will help you understand the dependencies between data from your various sources and advise on how to link them to specific questions regarding business development.

The latest technological solutions exempt you from the obligation of arduous gathering, saving and sorting of data. Automated reporting delivers ready-made summaries of datasets populated with records.

Complex and mixed information will provide you with the necessary knowledge to make the best decisions for your company. Without needing human intervention. Automated reporting gives access to valuable data presented in a clear and captivating manner.

Discovering patterns and discovering anomalies are the two sides of the same coin in Data Science that will allow you to analyse the past and predict the future. On one side, software should have algorithms that are able to detect invalid data and anomalies that would interfere with the final results. On the other side, it is essential to use machine learning to find patterns in the datasets.

Finding patterns and anomalies in business data instantly and automatically is an extremely strong asset in building a competitive advantage.

Automatic data classification enables the assigning of database elements to relevant categories. The classification and segmentation algorithms detect the specific groups of data and allow for assigning particular objects.

In this way, you will know in real time which clients are not happy with your services and so susceptible to going to your competition, and you will be able to manage their positive experiences.

In business, time matters. Even the best development strategy can be inefficient when implemented too late, which is why accurate data and results, as well as the speed of knowledge delivery, have become essential in Data Science.

Optimally designed software and well-thought-out configurations of cloud services allow for data processing at lightning speed, providing a business with essential information in real time, regardless of the size of the analysed datasets.

Stepwise approaches Data Science in a holistic way. That allowed us to develop a novel methodology of data management that combines:

We always prioritise business. Achieving your goals and assumptions matters. Results, data presentation and use of application have one objective – to serve your business.

Data Science architects at Stepwise know which methods and analytical techniques will work best in your business. We will help you implement technologies that will gather data and allow you to receive optimum results.

Stepwise ensures support at each level of building systems for collecting, processing and presenting business data. Our extensive experience and innovative technologies enable us to meet the most demanding needs.


Google Cloud Platform

Stepwise offers professional support in building Data Science software using cloud services. We have a huge experience and many successes in this area. So why cloud services? In business, data needs to be gathered in a safe and legal way. The sizes of sets of information are constantly changing and decision-makers need information delivered in real time. A cloud is a response to these needs. Flexible scaling of cloud applications and access to data from any place in the world is something that modern knowledge-based business needs.


Python is one of the best open source object languages in Data Science and allows specialists to include all essential mathematical formulas as well as statistical techniques and methodologies in the code. When building analytical software, Stepwise always chooses the technologies that ensure optimal and flawless operation of all functionalities. Python in Data Science offers a wide range of useful tools that facilitate building a system of gathering and analysing even the largest data sets. Our solutions work well in both statistical calculations and visualisations of results. We will find and use technologies perfectly suited to your company.


Data Science promotes developing your business wisely. What more?

Our team of experts provides everything you need to scale up your business. Discover our comprehensive services and become a data-driven company with the help of Stepwise!

Data Science

Data Science

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by analysing the data that orbit
your business.
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Product Design

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Custom Development

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