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Custom services tailored to your needs

Do you need custom software during digital transformation?

When you run a business and think about digital transformation and look for the right software, it’s best if it fits your needs perfectly, right? You do not want to pay for additional features that you will not use, because they do not meet your expectations. The best solution is custom software development – personalized, custom software, created based on your expectations and business needs, which you will be able to modify at the right moment, and when the company grows – scale to its needs. Check our custom development services!

What is custom development?
Custom software is designed for a specific set of business needs.

It is the process of designing, creating, implementing, and maintaining software for a specific type of user, function, or organization. In a nutshell, custom software development means creating unique technological solutions that require an extremely detailed plan. Custom software is designed to meet the specific needs of a given group of users more precisely than more traditional and widely distributed off-the-shelf software can. Custom software is typically only developed for these specific users by an external or in-house developer group and is not for resale.

Custom software development is very important if your company has a very specific business need.

Custom software helps to achieve and fully meet the specific requirements and technological assumptions at a competitive price compared to the purchase, maintenance and modification of commercial software. Custom software development is characterized by efficiency (fast and productive process handling), it is scalable (it can grow with the company’s development and be adapted to the changes taking place in it), it entails lower integration costs (e.g. with existing, older applications) and allows for independence from commercial software vendors.

If your organization has so specific needs and expectations that only custom software development can meet, choosing it becomes an obvious solution.

The biggest benefit of custom software is that it provides unique features that are not found in standard software. If you need a tailor-made software to completely suit your business needs, this is the perfect solution. By choosing custom software, the technology adapts to the needs of your organization – not the other way around. Designing the applications taking into account the needs of the organization leads to increased productivity after the implementation of the solution, and that is the overarching goal, right?

There are several factors that affect whether custom software development will be as effective as possible.

We pay special attention to them when planning the project. Cooperation and appropriate communication (discussing requirements, sharing knowledge in programming and operational teams to properly improve the quality and speed of response) is most important in custom software development. It is important that it connects all people involved in the project.

Defined requirements and a shared vision of what the custom software should and should not do. We clearly define and manage requirements so that customer needs are met within deadlines and budget.
The methodology, technology and practice used in each project allow for effective time and knowledge management.


How important is digital transformation for your business?

It is difficult to describe digital transformation in one sentence, because for each organization, due to its unique needs, it can mean something different. It can be broadly described with the words: “conducting activities in a new (digital) way”, because digital transformation may apply to all business areas and various processes taking place in the organization.

Digital transformation as the acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies etc., can be the beginning of a company’s success, if it is carried out properly, of course.

One thing is sure – organizations must evolve to cope with a changing world.

Digital Transformation can be defined as a new perspective on business in the digital age.

It is the process of using digital technologies to produce completely new technologies or to change the existing ones. It brings changes in all areas of business operation – mainly technological and cultural, but also changes in customer experience. The integration of digital technology takes place in all areas of business and definitely changes the way an organization operates and thinks. Digital Transformation requires constant experimentation and readiness for the inevitable changes to come. Sometimes, Digital Transformation is connected with a complete shift from the existing business processes, on which the organization may even have been founded, and opening up to changes – not fully defined.

Digital Transformation is business transformation, and organizations must evolve to meet changing trends, business requirements and competition.

If you want to focus on the company’s business results, innovation and its continuous improvement, digital transformation is a process that you cannot and definitely should not avoid. Organizations that undergo digital transformation shorten the distance between them and their customers, increase the pace of innovation and at the same time the share of profits in their industry. Digital Transformation is crucial for business growth. The time is slowly coming when only those organizations that undergo digital transformation will be successful. Do you want to be among them?

Thanks to digital transformation, you will take your business to the next level.

When carrying out such a huge undertaking, experience and appropriate talents will be the key – and we have both. We will provide you with a team of experienced and talented people who will help your company take care of the appropriate selection of technology and show the direction of data and process management. In general, digital transformation is about using technology to solve traditional problems. And no matter what problems your business faces, we will strive to solve them. The result will be of invaluable value for your customers and increase your company’s market position. 

Using our support, you get a ready unique digital product. In many cases also cheaper.

Your success is our top priority, which is why we devote so much attention to your business needs and the initial planning stages.
We will help you in developing great custom software that is adapted to your business needs. So you don’t have to be the IT specialist. Our team will navigate you through the entire process and explain any unclear technical issues.
We will make sure that the digital transformation carried out is not overwhelming, and that it shows you the right direction of development. We will make every effort to make it part of the company’s DNA and integrate with the already existing culture and experience.

Our main areas in Digital Transformation

picture - custom software development

Saas Business Product Building

Software as a service can improve your business, reduce costs, and keep your applications and data secure. The definition of the SaaS model clearly indicates the business dimension of creating applications, websites and systems, which is why in the Stepwise team every person is a business person. Your business is most important for us. The latest technologies and cloud solutions allow us to provide you with digital products for the 21st century. Thanks to this, we can effectively support you in achieving success. Find out how much you can gain by moving your business to the cloud.


Financial Services Company

As part of the necessary digital transformation, the client tried to create an ambitious and sophisticated SaaS platform on the German market, targeted at the broadly understood Renewable Energy sector.

We showed great flexibility and broadly understood consulting in the field of digital product manufacturing. We have proved not only to the customer but also to ourselves that we are able to create global products on a large scale within tight deadlines while maintaining the highest quality of service.


Business Scalability

Business scalability determines whether you can handle the dynamic increase in demand for your product and whether you can withstand the crisis related to the lack of customers. Your business operates in a highly volatile environment. You know very well what happens to enterprises that are not able to adapt efficiently. Flexible business scaling is key for you. Equally important is the scalability of your digital projects. By establishing cooperation with Stepwise, you get a guarantee of flexibility of operation both in the case of peaks and market drops. Check how to scale your ventures safely and effectively.



Lecko is a management consulting company that facilitates digital transformation processes and analytics. They needed help with taking their business to the next level by creating a cloud platform solution.

Thanks to our help, Lecko was able to successfully move all their analytics to the cloud, which in turn boosted up the overall system performance. By reducing Time to Market, they can now react faster to the increasing client demand.

picture - custom software development

Business Processes Automation

Business process automation is a fashionable term today. We deal with it when technology takes over the repetitive activities of the company. There are many benefits of implementing business process automation. The most important ones include comfort, increasing work efficiency and relieving the potential of your staff. The machine will perform basic activities for you, and you can take care of the development of your business. At Stepwise, we successfully use automation in the software development process. Thanks to this, we can execute orders faster, more effectively, with a greater focus on details. We will help you introduce process automation to your business.


Self-regulations solutions

For a Polish start-up we created a fully scalable SaaS platform, which is now successfully implemented by 4 end clients. We have conducted complex integrations with 3rd party solutions offering risk assessment and borrower verification services. We have made sure that the final product follows the PSD2 and GDPR guidelines.


Custom software development services at the highest level

Stepwise always guarantees you the best quality of service. Are you curious what gives us such confidence? Over the years, our software house has built a reputation as a proven technological partner on a global scale. Our organizational culture assumes transparency of activities from the first conversations with the client. We perfectly know the principles of IT projects and we know what methodology allows us to effectively implement the software development process. For us, your needs are the most important, so before our expert offers you a specific solution, they first assess its business viability. At Stepwise, technology is always on the side of your business.

Stepwise is a software development company that focuses on software development best practices.

This includes the skillful management of the development competence set of our entire team. We adhere to the principle that excellent software development skills are not only the outstanding technical background of our team members. We believe in the human side of business, so you can easily contact both the software tester and the President of the Management Board. Our team’s interpersonal skills will surely surprise you!.

The best digital products are usually behind an efficient software development process.

At Stepwise, we don’t leave your success to chance, and right from the start we ask questions that are crucial to your project’s success. Already during the initial conversations, you will learn how the Agile methodology and iterative implementation of an IT project will allow you to achieve the expected results with the optimal use of your resources. Our team is here to help and advise you at every stage of software development. With us you can be sure of clear rules of cooperation, effective order fulfillment and support in effective project risk management.

By using Stepwise’s support, you gain constant access to the best talent in software development.

Our team consists of outstanding IT specialists with outstanding technical background and extensive experience. Stepwise employees must also demonstrate exceptional interpersonal skills when recruiting. Our best experts watch over your digital product from the very first workshops. As an experienced software house, we can efficiently scale your IT project with the necessary resources and competences. If necessary, we easily reach for the pool of the best talent from the market so that your software is created by the best IT experts in the industry.

The benefits of creating software with a reliable software house can be multiplied.

For us at Stepwise, your satisfaction is always the most important thing. We go beyond the framework of a typical programming company and provide you with constant support, advice and advanced technological consulting. Our experts easily translate complex technical terminology into a language that everyone can understand. The Stepwise team consists of carefully selected specialists in the field of software architecture and engineering, brilliant developers, UX / UI specialists and testers. We put all our knowledge and experience at your disposal. Write to us. It’s always easy to talk to us!

Where do we start?
Validation of your idea

For us at Stepwise, your satisfaction is always the most important thing. We go beyond the framework of a typical programming company and provide you with constant support, advice and advanced technological consulting. Our experts easily translate complex technical terminology into a language that everyone can understand. The Stepwise team consists of carefully selected specialists in the field of software architecture and engineering, brilliant developers, UX / UI specialists and testers. We put all our knowledge and experience at your disposal. Write to us. It’s always easy to talk to us!


Proof of concept

Before you incur huge expenses to create a complete IT system, with our help you can check whether your idea is feasible.

Proof of concept, is an ideal solution for companies with a very innovative idea for a digital product. PoC is also great if you already know the technology you want to use, but need to be sure that the product will perform well. If a similar commercial or open source solution already exists on the market, Proof of Concept will prove it. You can use this knowledge to accelerate the development of your IT project or to completely change your approach. And this is already in the early stages of software development!

picture - custom software development

Minimum Viable Product

With the help of Stepwise, you can test the potential of your digital product by investing minimal resources into software development.

This solution carries significantly less risk than a full digital product, so we recommend it at the start of any IT project. MVP is about creating a working digital product, but with a minimal number of (the most important) features.

Stepwise follows the Pareto principle, according to which 20% of product functionality is responsible for 80% of user satisfaction. Minimum Viable Product will allow you to save time, money and resources until you are sure that the product has monetization potential. Before that happens, you get a lot of valuable information about the market, prospects, and the product itself. It happens that you can earn real money on the created prototype.


Data-driven investor marketing firm

With our Client – marketing investor company, we have gone through the digital transformation process. The result of our work was more than just an MVP, because the product was ready for monetization.

The end users are able to test the platform, or go through the full business process. They can begin a program to reach more investors or gain more exposure.

Methods we use to create your success

Years of experience, millions of lines of constantly improved code, lots of successful projects in custom software development and lots of satisfied customers. This is how the Stepwise team builds its reputation in Europe and around the world. Thanks to the consistency and constant expansion of competences, we have developed a methodology of operation that allows our partners to spread their wings and effectively use the latest technologies to improve their business. The effective, agile method of work of our specialists allows us to deliver the best software to the market. We make every effort to create applications that meet the business expectations of our clients. By working with Stepwise, you receive reliable support in the implementation of IT projects and a partner who cares about your success.

picture - custom software development
picture - custom software development

Agile Approach

Stepwise creates custom software for its clients using an Agile (Scrum) approach. We divide the whole project into smaller parts (sprints). Each sprint is first planned, usually takes about 2 weeks, and ends with a presentation of a working software function. Iterative IT projects in Stepwise allow you to effectively develop your digital product. This development takes place in a build-test-make decision loop. This allows our team to make the necessary changes in real time. The Agile approach allows you to modify the software on an ongoing basis and make corrections so that the final product is of the best quality. Iterative digital product creation enables you to develop your project in the best possible direction.

Test Automation QA

Test Driven Development

Custom software development supported by regular tests is the only solution that helps avoid launching buggy applications to the market. Your success is most important to us, which is why in Stepwise IT projects, application tests have an individual place in each iteration. Thanks to this approach, you will not be in a situation where at the end of the project it turns out that the entire application needs improvement due to a mistake made at the start. With our support, you can create a great quality product in a short time-to-market.

Pair Programming

Pair programming is a part of an agile software development methodology. Stepwise has been using this approach for a long time.The pair-wise software development technique allows two developers to plan, discuss and write code together. This is a very effective method of work as it enables you to solve programming problems much faster. At the same time, the exchange of information is much faster, and people in the team learn from each other and increase their competences. Two programmers in front of the screen allow you to create and check code at the same time. As a result, the quality of your software increases significantly.

Democracy in Technology

Custom software development is about more than writing code. Technology is designed to serve specific business purposes. To achieve these goals, IT projects at Stepwise are based on 5 dimensions of democratic software development:

High functionality
of the product
The highest quality
of software
Beautiful and
practical interface
Operation within

We recommend our clients to recognize each of the above dimensions equally. We know that business is governed by its own rules, which is why we flexibly adjust the methods of operation, thanks to which we support the success of our partners, to the individual needs of each company.


What are we especially good at when developing custom software?

We assume that it is best to ask our clients about the strengths of reliable software houses. We are happy to boast about the opinions of our former and current business partners. Stepwise’s strengths reviews are easy to find on Clutch. Customers appreciate Stepwise primarily for our extensive substantive knowledge, great technical facilities, especially in the case of cloud services, and a human approach to cooperation. We strive to ensure that the custom software, data presentation and implementation of innovative solutions meet the expectations of modern business. Our goal is to enable you to make decisions based on reliable knowledge. We will help you achieve success with the best technology products on the market.

If you want to become a market leader, you need to know how to stand out.

And not only visually! Equally important is the use of unconventional solutions in the field of system architecture, i.e. how your application is supposed to work. At Stepwise, we approach each client individually. We will thoroughly examine your business needs and develop a dedicated application architecture, thanks to which you will be able to stay ahead of your competition. Stepwise software architects are people who know how to translate business logic into an efficient IT system. You can trust us.

Dedicated data visualization allows you to present complex and chaotic information in a clear and transparent way.

It is an invaluable tool if you want to make the right business decisions. Dedicated data visualization solutions usually have much more possibilities than limited functionalities of commercial solutions. Modern business should be based on reliable data, presented in such a way that will allow the company to dynamically develop and consistently increase its added value. The right presentation of information is the key to effective customer acquisition and attracting lucrative investors.

Do you want to take your company to a higher level of digitization?

Our specialty are clouds and dedicated integration hubs. We are able to prepare an ideal infrastructure for you to combine many different tools that you use in your business. Already have a system that you want to develop? Our team will ensure that the newly created custom software is compatible with the one you have used so far. Everything should work perfectly in the company. Also technologies that support running a business. Contact us and tell us what we can help you with.



Greenbird has come up with a concept to help Utilities optimize their traditional grid operations, which so far have been largely dependent on the outdated IT architecture and lengthy system integrations outsourced to external partners. The platform itself is cloud native by definition and built around cutting-edge technologies. The main challenge was to help end customers integrate various systems easier and faster by providing pre-defined connectors, adapters and a monitoring system.


What more can you expect from us in custom software development?

Stepwise has been creating technologically advanced dedicated digital products for years. As a software house, we support companies with advice, resources and the best competences. Each subsequent project teaches us something new and allows us to constantly develop. Thanks to cooperation with many companies around the world, we perfectly understand that sometimes creating unique, custom software is not enough. For this reason, we offer you much more. Check what else we can do for you as part of custom software development.

Cybersecurity is an extremely important topic in today’s world.

The law imposes an obligation on us to ensure adequate protection of personal data when using applications, websites and IT systems. Technology offers great opportunities for development. At the same time, you have to take into account that the level of threat posed by dishonest application users is increasing proportionally. Stepwise can provide monitoring and security for your technology that will effectively keep you, your employees, partners and customers safe. For this we use encryption keys, proven data storage tools, cloud solutions tested by millions of users, and much more.

Dedicated DevOps prepared by the best Stepwise developers is a guarantee of smooth operation of your software.

Once upon a time, IT infrastructure management required physical virtual machines inside the company and a qualified IT administrators department. Today, Stepwise can provide you with much more economical solutions: cloud services and a developed DevOps culture of the entire team. Your applications and data in the cloud are safe, much cheaper to maintain, and you optimally use the potential of computing space. At Stepwise, each developer has developed unique DevOps skills, so it can take only a few moments to set up the right infrastructure for your digital product.

Test automation allows us to dynamically develop IT projects without production delays.

Working on 2-week sprints makes it much easier for us to modify the product on an ongoing basis, correct bugs and possible errors. We configure software operation tests in such a way that they take place automatically, without detriment to the project implementation schedule. Thanks to automation, we ensure the safety of your product quality and at the same time increase the production potential of our team. Our methodology of operations guarantees you constant insight into the activities of the entire team and test results. You can contact us at any time and talk about the next steps in the development of your digital product.


Have any questions in custom development services?
Here are the answers!

There’s more to people than just what they can do. And that’s why we don’t only value technical skills.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Software in the SaaS model means a model of using an application or computing space in the cloud via the Internet. With a small investment, you can relatively efficiently create and implement an MVP application. SaaS allows you to significantly reduce expenses and minimize the use of resources for software development and maintenance.

The software in the SaaS model facilitates the integration of many different technologies used in your business and provides effective protection against the interference of unauthorized persons. SaaS enables the use of data and applications anytime, anywhere.

The software development process in Stepwise is an iterative project development. The process of agile application development methodology is divided into smaller parts (2-week sprints). After each sprint, the customer has a working functionality of their product at their disposal. Then decisions are made as to the further direction of development of further components of the final software or MVP. The client may limit or increase the scale of operation, team composition or the dynamics of its software development.

We offer proven cloud solutions (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure), thanks to which each project can be freely scaled with the necessary computing power. Thanks to this, you always pay only for the actual consumption of computing space and optimally use virtual machines in the cloud infrastructure.

When your project is developing rapidly, Stepwise is able to efficiently reach the necessary competences and complete your dedicated project team. We have our own database of selected IT talents who are just waiting for our cooperation proposal.

For our developers, creating dedicated software is much more than a job. It is a passion that they develop also after hours by engaging in various interesting IT projects. Stepwise developers are outstanding specialists who willingly exchange information with each other and willingly share their knowledge on blogs and forums.

By working with Stepwise, you will quickly find out that you can talk about business with every member of our team. Excellent interpersonal skills and business awareness are, in addition to a rich technical background, necessary features that every candidate for a position in our software house must have.

Our developers are eager to participate in Hackathons, industry conferences, and actively develop many open source projects. As an experienced programming company, we strongly invest in the best equipment for work and in the development of the comprehensive competences of our specialists. We organize regular workshops during which programmers exchange current information and current knowledge. We provide advanced training that develops the practical skills of our developers and we ensure smooth communication between the team and clients.

At Stepwise, we strongly believe that technology is only a tool to achieve specific business results. We care about your success, so at the beginning of our cooperation, we always ask about business needs. Thanks to this, we know what your expectations are, we know the purpose and vision of a digital product. As a result, we can offer the best solutions individually tailored to your business.

The Proof of Concept and Minimum Viable Product approaches are designed to confirm the potential of your idea using the minimum necessary resources. This reduces the risk of failure and budget burnout, and allows you to quickly validate initial venture concepts.

PoC (Proof of Concept) is a great tool that allows you to check if your vision of a digital product is feasible. Thorough research allows you to examine the available technologies and verify whether there is already a similar solution on the market. As a result, you know how innovative your idea is and you can make effective decisions related to the development of your project.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is about creating a product with working the most important (from the end-user point of view) functionalities. Such a prototype can be easily checked, submitted for testing to end users or presented to potential investors. The most important benefit of the MVP is to deliver a working digital product in minimal time and with little financial investment.

The process of creating dedicated software in Stepwise consists of several main stages, the chronology of which is flexibly adapted to your individual needs.
The main stages of creating dedicated software in Stepwise are:
1. Customer business needs research
2. Establishing a framework for cooperation
3. Action plan and project team building
4. Development of a project risk management policy
5. First product presentations
6. Workshops with the client
7. Audit, PoC or MVP
8. Iterative product creation
9. Software implementation
10. Post-implementation support
Agile methodology of IT project development (Scrum) and breaking the entire project into 2-week sprints allows you to flexibly develop your software. As a result, you get a digital product that can far exceed your initial expectations. Stepwise is at your disposal at every stage of creating your product, being at the same time a tutor and reliable technological advisor.2. 2.

Stepwise goes beyond the usual patterns of typical software houses. We are not an ordinary programming company that focuses on writing code. In our team, every IT specialist, apart from extensive experience and technical background, has an extraordinary business instinct. Each proposal of a technological solution is supported by business usefulness. We educate our clients and provide them with ongoing consultations.

Our experts have above-average interpersonal skills. They translate the most difficult technical issues into simple language understandable to everyone. We have developed effective communication solutions, thanks to which you can easily contact a selected member of the Stepwise team.

At Stepwise, customers appreciate the coherent software development process. We invite you to openly develop your digital product. You gain constant access to the project backlog, where you can keep track of the progress of your project and have a real impact on the final shape of your software.

Why is Poland an ideal place for outsourcing IT services?
Poland is constantly investing in the development of IT specialists. In 2020, the number of ICT employees in Poland exceeded 500,000 people. Our programmers win the highest prizes in international competitions, which proves how high level they represent. This should not be surprising. In our country, the average age to start learning programming is already 15 years. Coding for Polish programmers is work and passion in one, developed from a young age.

Apart from their regular jobs, Stepwise specialists are involved in the development of many open source technologies. They increase their competences by creating their own applications. They are happy to share their knowledge on the Internet on blogs and forums. As a result, our software house constantly receives an injection of the latest information from the industry, and you receive proposals for the most up-to-date and effective technological solutions.

Constant exchange of information, a creative approach to creating dedicated software and open minds of our experts guarantee the highest quality and innovative solutions. Digital products created by Polish developers are safe, efficient and meet the most sophisticated needs of consumers.
At Stepwise, we are always guided by the good of your business, we have access to the most promising pool of IT talents and thanks to this we efficiently scale technological projects.

Cooperation with Stepwise is a guarantee of the best technological services. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. You don’t have to be an IT specialist. We will guide you through the entire software development process. We will use an agile methodology for the development of IT Agile (Scrum) projects, which will allow you to flexibly build your product and maintain constant control over shaping your vision. Clear rules of cooperation and proven communication tools are a guarantee of transparency of activities that will allow us to build lasting relationships based on trust.

As a result, you will receive a digital product of the highest quality that will allow you to achieve measurable business results. In addition to the product itself, you will also gain a reliable technological partner. We are at your disposal whenever you need it.

Agile dedicated software development (Scrum) is a methodology that involves the implementation of technological projects divided into smaller parts. Individual components are created in successive iterations. This method allows for the successive development of software while maintaining control and flexibility of actions taken.

The division into smaller parts also allows you to test the solutions used on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this, the final product does not contain many errors in the code and consists only of refined functionalities. End user requirements and business needs change over the course of IT projects. Agile software development allows you to relatively easily adjust the technologies used to current needs in real time.

We work with many companies at different levels of technological advancement. Do you have an idea for an application and you don’t know what to do next? Have you already researched the market and assessed the potential of your digital product idea? Or maybe you want to expand the existing technology? We will support you in every action.

Stepwise gives great importance to reliable research and planning of activities. If, during our analysis, it turns out that there is already a solution on the market that can work for your business, we will propose it to you.

Creating dedicated software has many advantages and can bring you many benefits. However, this is not always the best option. If we find a good commercial solution that meets your expectations, we will show you its possibilities. You can decide for yourself whether to use them or to create a dedicated software together with us.

As a rule, commercial programs are expensive and created for the needs of many different businesses. For this reason, they do not always fit perfectly with the company’s unique business processes. Since commercial solutions are designed to serve a wide variety of businesses, they have many features that you may never use. Of course, you pay for all of them.

Dedicated software is tailored specifically to your business. By working with a reliable software house like Stepwise, you get a digital product exactly what you need. With cloud services, you only pay for the computing power actually used and you use it optimally.

It all depends on the situation when choosing the best solution. For this reason, Stepwise always starts with the business needs of its clients. Only after verifying your expectations and market research can we compare the variants of a dedicated application and commercial programs, and then propose the best solution for your business.

The basic dedicated service that is worth using in the company is of course the creation of custom software. At the beginning of cooperation, Stepwise always recommends a PoC or MVP, which reduces the risk of failure of the entire project and allows you to efficiently assess the product’s potential with the lowest possible investment. If as a result it turns out that your idea has a chance for success, we will effectively develop cooperation, and the agile methodology will accelerate the scaling of the project.

We will provide you with the best code quality at every stage of creating dedicated software. For this purpose, we use advanced solutions in the field of automatic application tests. Test automation will reveal all the elements that are worth improving in a digital product. The tests will allow you to verify that the code does not contain errors or bugs in order to finally deliver a proven product of the highest quality.

Cybersecurity is always a hot topic when it comes to software. There are more and more dangers in the network, which is why Stepwise is constantly developing its offer of solutions related to the protection of sensitive data and confidential information. We attach great importance to effective application protection, effective monitoring and an efficient backup system for our clients’ software. Dedicated monitoring and application security is the key to providing the best digital services.

Stepwise feels exceptionally well in dedicated cloud services. The digitization of modern business in many cases is directly related to the delivery of digital products in the cloud (e.g. in the SaaS model). It is a convenient, cheap and relatively efficient way to provide innovative services to your customers. Our team is able to independently prepare the infrastructure in the cloud that will allow you to optimally develop your business. This is due to a highly developed DevOps culture adopted by every Stepwise developer.

The process of creating dedicated software can be really complex. A complete application is thousands of lines of code. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where the final product doesn’t work because of some kind of glitch in the early stages of building the product. Correcting such an error can be time-consuming and involve significant financial outlays.

Application tests allow you to fix even the smallest errors on an ongoing basis and successively create new software components, without errors and bugs. As a result, the code is clean and the final product works much better. You avoid the risk of additional costs and wasting time looking for irregularities in the code.

At Stepwise, we use automated tests that do not affect the project implementation schedule. We receive real-time information on the state of the software. We constantly improve the necessary application components, and as a result, you receive invaluable quality at every stage of the software development process.

Just write to us or call us. We are happy to talk about how to develop your business using the most effective technological solutions and effective methods of creating applications. If you are looking for a proven software house that will reliably advise you on how to create or increase the potential of dedicated software, we are at your disposal.

It’s always easy to talk to us!

Not sure if Stepwise is the software development company for you?

Stepwise is a software house with a unique set of technological competences and vast experience in creating dedicated software for companies. We help our partners digitize their businesses, develop custom software, improve their analytical capabilities, deliver effective communication technologies and provide proven cloud solutions.

Stepwise is a unique software development company where each order is treated individually. We offer solutions best suited to your business. You gain the guarantee of the most effective solutions and respect for your investment.

Still not sure if Stepwise is the software development company for you? Check on Clutch platform what our former and current partners think about us or write to us – let’s talk!