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Can AI Replace People Working In Customer Service?

I have talked about how AI can improve your security before and today we’ll take on the topic of customer service in the rise of new technologies. We’ve had chatbots before but they were just a means for a customer service operator to contact the customer. Now, chatbots are being driven by AI and could […]

How To Write Swagger API Annotations With Less Lines Of Code…

Recently, at Stepwise, I worked on an interesting, extremely business-oriented project. One of the business requirements for the application was to not only deliver the code according to the documentation but also supply it with full Swagger annotations. Because of how complex the logic was, it involved a lot of Swagger API annotations and it […]

What is the future of clouds?

Cloud computing has consistently been growing for the past few years. And, according to IDC, the industry will spend $277 billion on cloud services in 2020. This fact alone says something about the future. Cloud proves to have multiple advantages for companies using it now but how exactly will it look in the future? Let’s […]