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Why Does Your Company Need Growth Hacking?

Over the past few years, the term “growth hacking” has significantly grown in popularity. Even though, many people have no idea what growth hacking actually is. Most assume that growth hacking is just a fancy name for marketing but the truth is that there’s so much more to growth hacking than just marketing. What exactly […]

How Can AI improve your security?

There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is already disrupting the market and has a huge potential to change the world as we know it. The idea of computers being able to process data like humans do, goes back to 1950’s and with the rapid development of technology, AI is now a reality. It has impacted […]

What is the future of clouds?

Cloud computing has consistently been growing for the past few years. And, according to IDC, the industry will spend $277 billion on cloud services in 2020. This fact alone says something about the future. Cloud proves to have multiple advantages for companies using it now but how exactly will it look in the future? Let’s […]

5 reasons to outsource software development to Poland

Software development outsourcing has long become the new normal. Many of my fellow CEOs choose software outsourcing when they are short on talent, lack in-house expertise or simply want more time to focus on their core activities. But where do they find that perfect outsourcing destinations? Without exaggeration, 10 years ago Poland was entirely unknown […]

E. Wedel Czekoladowy Weekend – czyli jak dzięki technologi nadwyrężyć swój wizerunek

E. Wedel, najstarsza fabryka czekolady w Polsce jak co roku, również w 2018 postanowiła zorganizować Czekoladowy Weekend. Idea wręcz magiczna. Oto przez dwa dni w roku (8 i 9 grudnia), czyli tuż przed świętami fabryka otwiera swoje drzwi dla dzieci i ich rodziców pokazując proces wytwarzania czekolady oraz rozdaje czekoladowe słodkości w swoich pięknie wystrojonych […]

Cyber Security of e-commerce

For all businesses that provides their services or goods online, security is one of the most important aspects of their operations. Even more, their future, cash flow and reputation of their brands depends on properly secured systems. This is regardless the tech stack in use, mobile/desktop services, server/cloud based solution or sector of the market.