The Process of Developing Custom Software

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Do you have a great idea for a digital product? Have you come up with an application or website that may revolutionize the market? Would you like to develop some innovative software that will appeal to the hearts, minds and wallets of potential clients? To achieve this goal you need the support of a reliable software house that can provide you with proven and efficient working methods. Find out how the process of developing custom software looks at Stepwise.  

Custom software often lies at the very centre of company operations. Nowadays, the efficient and reliable use of technology determines the success of a given business. 

A good custom application is rarely created by accident. It is usually the fruit of a well-thought-out and proven strategy. At Stepwise, our many years of experience ensure the process of developing custom software leads to tailor-made products that may achieve marvellous results in the market.

Initial activities of Developing Custom Software

The process of developing custom software at Stepwise combines the experience and competencies of our IT specialists, working according to the Agile (Scrum) approach, with methods of iterative activities tailored to individual client needs. All steps presented below are key to high-quality dedicated software. Depending on client’s requirements we can flexibly adjust their chronology to optimally implement the IT project.

Stage I – your needs and the cooperation model

At the very beginning we always try to thoroughly get to know our clients and their expectations. The needs of our business partners are our top priorities. At Stepwise, technology is just the tool for achieving specific business outcomes. 

Learn more, why at Stepwise do we start with the client’s business needs [link].

Once we know our mutual expectations and feel the chemistry between our businesses, we define the objectives of the project as well as the roles and tasks of each party. Our clients can appoint their own Product Owner or use the help of a Stepwise employee. Product Owners take care of fluent communications in the project, the allocation of tasks in the team, and the appropriate course of the process of developing custom software.   

At this stage we also choose the model of cooperation and settlement that best suit our client. There are two basic options:

1. You present the list of functionalities of the custom software, and we determine what we can deliver within a given time and budget.

2. After defining the goal of cooperation and specifying the resources required to achieve the desired effect, we flexibly steer the process of developing custom software.

More about 

Our experience and the trends in the global market show that the flexible model of cooperation is the preferred model. Software development is often very complex, which is why a reliable software house should provide the conditions that will enable developing digital products matching the market changes and the current business needs of your company.

Stage II – Proposed activities and team building  

Once we know the client needs, we specify what we can provide our new partner with. Then, we suggest a set of technologies best adjusted to the existing infrastructure and solutions of the company. Even if the client doesn’t have any existing infrastructure or other appropriate technological solutions, we are able to build a solid base for advanced architecture. This is all done before writing the code. 

Having all the essential information, we can state the size and proper qualifications of the team required to execute your order. Selecting qualified specialists results in a refined product. Our best qualified experts take part in the process of developing your custom software at Stepwise. If the need arises, in the course of the project we can include other necessary specialists in the team.  

Stage III – Risk management

Various problems always appear during project developments. It’s not possible to predict all the risks that are likely to occur when developing custom software. From the beginning of our cooperation, the Stepwise team always tries to predict any events that may have a negative impact on the project, and prepares a plan of actions to neutralise these treats. 

It’s worth preparing the model of cooperation, the methods of communication and the form of dialogue at the very outset, to facilitate solving potential troublesome events. With the Stepwise model of cooperation and communication, we can clearly develop the project and effectively solve any problematic issues.  

Read more about risk management in IT projects at Stepwise. [link]

Stage IV – First presentations

After getting familiarised with our client needs, the UX/UI team moves to action. Our experts present a simple scheme of the structure and a visual description of the user interface, the so-called wireframe, or a more advanced version of the user interfaces, i.e. a mockup.

This allows Stepwise to better understand the vision of the product and determine how completely this overlaps with the client expectations. At this stage, Stepwise can best demonstrate our knowledge and potential.

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Stage V – Workshops

Substantive workshops are organised from the early stage of initial activities. During such meetings, the Stepwise team meets the client, discusses the needs and ideas, as well as presents their suggestions for actions and solutions that aim at meeting the client needs. As a result, the vision of the product takes shape, new innovative directions for development appear, and we are able to develop custom software that will go beyond your expectations.

Custom software development

Depending on the client’s needs, Stepwise can tailor the model of cooperation and software development to maximally facilitate project progress. After the initial activities, when the Product Owner develops the project timeline and assigns all the tasks to particular team members, we proceed to writing the code and creating the particular components of the application.

Stage VI – audit, PoC and MVP?

Stepwise supports companies at various levels of technological advancement. Three significant solutions that work perfectly when developing software (and that we are particularly good at) are the audit, Proof of Concept (PoC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Based on the information gathered during these projects, you will be able to enact the right decisions related to further directions of development of your custom application.

We try to check thoroughly if a given idea for software makes sense and is worth being developed. Custom software may overtake current technologies, which is why it’s necessary to verify whether the technology available is sufficient to prepare an effective digital product. 

If you want to know more about effective cooperation with a software house, we wrote about it here. [link]

Stage VII – iterative project development

The Stepwise methods are based on controlled and iterative product scaling. The process of developing custom software is divided into two-week runs (sprints). You decide what is the most important for your project in the closest sprint. Our team plans what can be done by the end of the upcoming run. At the end of each iteration, the specific functionality is available for client evaluation. Stepwise uses proven methods in the build-test-decide loop. After each loop in this model we can present the best solutions on an ongoing basis. 

At the conclusion of developing your custom software, the client receives a ready digital product compliant with his business needs. Stepwise ensures correct implementation and installation of all the components in a compatible and efficient infrastructure.

Effects of cooperation with Stepwise

Why is it better to develop custom software with Stepwise than decide to select an off-the-shelf digital product? When using our support, you get a ready unique digital product. In many cases cheaper too. Check our services!
Your success is our top priority, which is why we devote so much attention to your business needs and the initial planning stages.  

Stepwise will help in developing great custom software that is adapted to your business needs. You don’t need to be the IT specialist. Our team will navigate you through the entire process and explain any unclear technical issues. See for yourself how the process of developing custom software looks at Stepwise. Contact us!

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