Smart Fintech Platform

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  • April 2018
  • Self Learning Solutions
  • Fintech
  • Poland

Project Background

Self Learning Solutions is a Polish start-up that came to us with a great concept for creating a SaaS platform offering advanced tools to support Business Process Management in the financial industry using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning mechanisms. We took on responsibility for their architecture design and the entire product development process.


Main Challenge

Create from scratch a SaaS platform that supports loan and credit businesses with the use of a decision-facilating and scoring engine.


Our Approach

We conducted a thorough desk research to select an appropriate framework which would suit the needs of a unique loan-offering platform. The next steps were architecture design, development and final implementation of the solution on the client side. This was the first project where we partnered with the Google Cloud Platform.


Final Outcome

We created a fully scalable SaaS platform, which is now successfully implemented by four end clients. What is more, we have conducted a series of complex integrations with third-party solutions offering risk assessment and borrower verification services. Mindful of any potential security risks, we have made sure that the final product follows the PSD2 and GDPR guidelines. Our cooperation with SLS has not stopped at this stage. We are currently working on the platform adjustments which will use advanced Artifical Intelligence mechanisms to revolutionize the loan taking processes.