Data driven prop-tech platform

  • Spica Technologies Ltd
  • Proptech
  • UK
  • August 2020 - ongoing

Customer Benefits

For our client:

  • 80% larger development potential;
  • Custom version of the web and mobile application delivered to the end customer;
  • The application was recognised by Google with the new release of Flutter v 2.0;
  • Support in developing best practices in software development and UX/UI;
  • Direct contact with Google support.


Benefits for the end customer:

  • Increased employee security during the pandemic;
  • Opportunity to improve the space and employee experience;
  • Better building and facilities management;
  • Being recognised by Google;
  • Prop-tech mobile application with access to over 186,000 data points.

Project Background

Spica Technologies Ltd is a global prop-tech company, offering services and technologies for the management of properties, facilities and building equipment. The main area of cooperation with Stepwise is developing a cloud-based platform for workplace experience management.

Main Challenge

This Stepwise customer already had web and mobile digital products developed using one of the newer technologies available in the market from Google – the Flutter framework. This decision was associated with several important facts:

  •   Firstly, software created with Flutter is future-proof. Although this tool is new, it has a huge potential, and there are indications that it will be strongly supported by Google in the future.
  •   Secondly, with just one codebase, a customer can produce software for several operating systems and devices, which facilitates time-to-market and reduces costs incurred by making a few versions of one product.
  •   Thirdly, there are very few companies offering reliable support in developing software with this new technology.  

Spica Tech then entered into cooperation with Stepwise. We decided to continue developing the software with this niche yet very promising Flutter technology. Stepwise provided experienced Flutter developers with extensive technical knowledge. Our specialists are open for new concepts and solutions, as well as for experimenting with new technologies. The challenge of this project also was creating a network of cooperation between Stepwise, Spica Tech and Google support.

Our Approach & Final Outcome

Our cooperation with partners is based on small steps and trust. Our activities are coherent and open to customers.

At the beginning of our cooperation with Spica Tech, we chose two experts in mobile and web solutions from our team to provide our customer with competences combining technical knowledge and extensive experience in software development. We knew that efficient work and effective cooperation with open source communities would be very important in that project. 

Our developers have always been willing to engage in developing new technologies and open source solutions. This is an exceptionally valuable asset in any IT project, facilitating reaching effective solutions and knowledge. Working with this innovative technology and engagement were enhanced by a direct contact with Google support.

Three months later we had a solid basis for developing that IT project. Our experts prepared the essential foundations for cooperation with Spica Tech and the Google team. That time allowed us to get to know our customer’s expectations and business needs. New developers joined the team. We prepared a set of best practices for that project and actively supported our customer. We also engaged our UX/UI designer.

After almost a year, the partner cooperation between Spica Tech and Stepwise resulted in a great mobile application for the insurance industry.

Stepwise specialists felt comfortable in the Spica Tech structures and offered high availability, reliability and comprehensive support in developing the software. At Stepwise we believe that “Every person is a business person”, which is why our experts guarantee the highest level of expertise, extensive experience, and rare knowledge of business processes. These are a few of the main reasons our cooperation with Spica Tech keeps developing.

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