7 reasons to build mobile applications with Flutter

blog post cover: 7 reasons to build mobile applications with Flutter

Flutter is one of the most promising technologies for mobile application development. The Flutter SDK is being successfully used by small and large enterprises in IT projects, such as by Alibaba Group, Tesla, and the owner of this platform – Google. Read 7 reasons why businesses build mobile applications with Flutter.  

If you want to create a mobile application that looks awesome on any device, regardless of the operating system, you need Flutter. Of course, there are alternative technologies on the market, but the Flutter SDK (Software Development Kit) definitely stands out. What is Flutter?

The Flutter Software Development Kit is a cross-platform framework for creating mobile, web and desktop applications that are adjusted to several operating systems at the same time.  

Instead of developing the Android application, and then the iOS application, we use Dart, and create one complete code that is compiled for the selected systems. As a result, you get several native applications in one blow.

Why build mobile applications with Flutter?

1. Cross-platform technology saves time 

Many developers are of the opinion that Flutter is the best solution if your digital product is intended to run on several different operating systems (e.g. a mobile application for Android and iOS). When using Flutter, you create one complete code for the two systems at the same time. You get two different versions of the same application in one blow. This also reduces the time-to-market of your digital product, which is significant when your competition is considering a similar solution.

One complete code, compiled by Flutter for several native programming systems, guarantees a lower number of errors. Half as much coding also means less testing and time savings for IT specialists. Flutter has an extremely useful Hot Reload function that allows you to correct errors in real time (corrections and changes in the code appear instantly in the application). 

2. Reliable mobile applications

There are similar technologies for mobile application development on the market, but Flutter stands out from them in terms of its exceptionally smooth application creation. The efficient Skia graphic engine and the statically linked Dart language make applications built with Flutter extremely productive. Interfaces load quickly and animations are smooth, no matter whether users have Android or iOS. Reliability of the Flutter framework is undoubtedly influenced by the strong Google team that ensures a stable development of technologies and effective user support. 

3. Eye-catching graphic interfaces  

The brands that stand out in the market are more likely to achieve success. Flutter gives you the smooth possibility of using custom elements in your mobile application. Original designs can become part of the coherent visual identification of your company. The stored components can be used many times, which considerably accelerates software development. Mobile applications built with Flutter can also contain elements that look as if they were created in native technologies. With this framework, you have all the components of dedicated technologies at hand. 

4. Original animations, greater involvement 

User involvement and time spent with the application translate into its future popularity and profits. Nothing improves these indices so effectively as beautiful animations. Graphics and animations in applications built with Flutter are characterised by premium quality thanks to the Skia graphic engine, so they load quickly and operate smoothly. Flutter allows using solutions that work well in both Android and iOS. Both versions are implemented simultaneously, and there is no need to devote as more time to writing code, as is the case when developing traditional native applications.

5. Flutter can be integrated with existing applications 

Do you have a working application and want to develop it? Integrating the Flutter SDK with the existing software accelerates the development of digital products. If you decide to integrate Flutter with your application, you can significantly reduce mobile software maintenance costs. This option is useful when you find it difficult to trust new technologies and want to test the suggested solution in a safe way.

6. Time-efficiency = cost-efficiency 

Compared to many technologies, developing software for mobile phones and tablets with Flutter can be much faster and cheaper. To make a long story short, building mobile applications with Flutter can be compared to building with Lego blocks. Dart is easy to learn, and according to developers is pleasant to use, which makes it a welcome additional asset to the competencies of many developers, and there is no need to employ another specialist. Applications are built smoothly, with just one code fork, which is tantamount to reduced costs associated with testing and error correction.  

7. Extensive community

The number of Flutter enthusiasts is growing dynamically. Not only do specialists use this framework, but it also has a great contribution to open source technologies. Developers find using Flutter convenient, mainly due to a low entry threshold for Dart, and exceptional intuitiveness in mobile application development. Although this is new technology, it ensures a high security level that attracts both technical experts and businesses. Google support is not without significance in this respect.   

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The future of Flutter

Currently, there are many popular applications built with Flutter on the market. The potential of these technologies has been noticed and they are used by such companies as Tencent, Alibaba Group, New York Times, Google Stadia, Groupon and SpaceX. Since its onset, the Flutter SDK has been showing a steady rise, and there are many signs that this trend is going to continue. It looks like this framework will keep developing, not just in terms of mobile software, but also web applications. If companies want to use innovative and proven solutions, optimise investment costs, and achieve the best results possible, they should definitely consider using Flutter in their IT projects. 

Check whether Flutter is a perfect solution for your business. Contact us. The  Stepwise team listens to your needs, thoroughly examines the market and available technologies, and finally suggests optimum solutions.  

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