Product Design

We design and build digital products that transform your business.

What is product design? Why do you exactly need a product designer?

Product design is the process of creating digital products: starting from strategy, through conceptual work, to implementation. The most important thing in product design is to provide real business value, without neglecting the positive UX.

It is important to have a great designer who will look at all business aspects in a professional way, in terms of design and final product acceptance by the customer. This will help you avoid many unnecessary mistakes and, as a result, save your company time and money.

Thanks to product design we’ll help you reduce time and costs

By preventing so many likely user problems with UX techniques and working closely with developers and product owners, we reduce the risk of creating the wrong product and thus lower the company’s costs.

We’re experienced in designing complex products

We specialize in designing complex, high-level products used by the medium & large size companies across the world. Our main domains are: fintech, real estate, energy & green tech, data & analytics companies. We’re always up for a challenge.

We deliver complete hand-off designs

We work hand in hand with developers and Product Owners to assure best experience of product. We provide easy to implement and feasible solutions to make their work more effective.

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In what areas in product design we will help you?

A perfectly designed product should not only look great, but also meet the needs of customers – meet their highest expectations. Product design is not just about the outer layer of a product. Product design is a series of methodologies that use research, in-depth analysis, UX, and a human-centered approach. Only by combining all these strategies can we create something really beautiful and useful.
Check in which areas we can help you!

We create products form the scratch

We will help you define in-depth insights about your customers, your competitors, your environment and distribution channels

These insights are exactly what can drive your success and, ultimately, profitable for your company.

Before we draw a first sketch we need to know to whom you address your product.

That’s why we always start with defining your audience. This way, you will be able to perfectly target your marketing and strategy.

Our team will help you combine usability with beauty and create a product design that can do both – leave your users amazed and satisfy their needs.

We will take care of the web design, responsiveness and the UX.

We optimize current products

Through our UX audit we will help you define why your product or website doesn’t make profit and provide you with solutions

We offer consultancy with our UX experts that will help you solve even the most complex problems.

We need to know to whom you address your product from the very beginning.

That’s why we always start with defining your audience. This way, you will be able to perfectly target your marketing and strategy.

We will leave your users amazed and satisfy their needs.

Our team will help you combine usability with beauty and create a product design. We will take care of the web design, responsiveness and the UX.


UX Process

Designing User Experience is a complex process and requires much more than a solid technical background. A reliable UX designer combines many competences that allow you to propose modern technological solutions, in line with the needs of your potential customers.

We need to precisely define the problem and understand the idea of your product.

We thoroughly research your business needs and the needs of end users of the application. On the basis of the obtained data, we prepare the User story backlog of the entire project – it will answer the question of what path the user must follow in the app to fulfill a specific need.


Kickoff meeting – to learn more about your business.

Business documentation – to understand the business model.

Question list/ briefing – we need to understand the product and your business perfectly

User Research – we conduct a Target Audience, Product and Competition research

Backlog definition and priorities.

We crystallize the general vision of the product.

We define the Personas and the User flow. We will define the steps that the app user must take to gain access to specific functions and perform specific tasks. We also map the User journey, i.e. a visual presentation of the points of contact between the user and the product.


User testing – grouping user stories (post-its). To know better how to structure functionalities.

Building User Persona/Profile – to get a better idea of the target audience.

Product Vision Statement – give u short description of what the product needs to become

Sitemap – give us a clear view of the project and how much there needs to be done

User Flow & User Journey Map as these shows the steps that need to be taken to complete a certain task.

The appearance of an application, website or system is of great importance for the success of your project.

UX designer uses solutions suited to the end user: appropriate fonts, colors and highlights. the most important functionalities. The software takes on individual character and authenticity, what allows you to increase the attachment of potential users to the app.


Low-fidelity wireframes – we prepare and test clickable prototype to verify interface’s usability.

User Testing – in order to verify if the prototype meets users’ expectations.

Product Vision Statement – give u short description of what the product needs to become.

Visual Design – we prepare visual design according to a Style Guide and then test it.

Design System – in order to keep future elements and interfaces consistent.

Focus on testing the prepared solutions (e.g. clickable interface mockups).

With the help of test users, we check whether the application meets the accessibility standards and whether it will be useful enough for the target users. After identifying the necessary changes, UX and UI Engineers introduce the improvements. The product is safely developed to the MVP stage, and the final application, website or system can be introduced to the market.


User Testing – to see if the design meets users’ expectations and incorporate feedback into solution.

Analysis – we analyze the results of Usability Testing and rethink future design updates.

Implementation – feedback from the development team is crucial at Implementation stage. We need to be sure that we addressed all the issues before product launches.



A modern, efficient and scalable user interface was created for the Content Auto-tagging Manager system. On the basis of the refreshed application, the Customer may at any time be able to reuse components in the entire range of his applications.The outcome of our work is an improved end user journey experience, resulting in strengthened sales potential for the Client.


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Have any questions in Product Design?
Here are the answers!

There’s more to people than just what they can do. And that’s why we don’t only value technical skills.

Product design is the process designers use to connect user needs with business goals to help companies make consistently successful products.

Price depend on manufacturing process, volume and development time involved. We have to get to know your needs and expectations first in order to accurately estimate the total cost of the project. Please contact us to estimate the project.

There are many things we could mention, but we will focus on the few most important:
– Usability: User experience matters not just for external-facing client software but also for administration, manageability and deployment use cases.
– Cost: Lower product cost allows the customer to implement faster and lower cost of ownership.
– Flexibility: flexibility in the event of expanding the company’s business needs, will encourage customers to adopt the product faster.
– Integration: the possibility of coexistence of the product with the products of other suppliers.

UX designers start the process by researching everything and analyzing the potential of the product in the market. Thanks to this, you are able to avoid failure and, consequently, badly tested money and time.

Product designer is responsible for the entire process of product development and end-user experiences, starting with defining real problems and their potential solutions.

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