Telecom company: Cloud native platform

  • Telecom Company
  • Telecommunications
  • Germany
  • 10.2021 – ongoing

Project Background

Stepwise was contacted by a company that already has their own technological solutions for collecting data from a variety of IoT sensors (end devices, e.g. Raspberry Pi). Their current device aggregates, stores and processes data for external clients. The company in question has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry and conducts analyses of (mobile and classical) networks. They use this collected data to create reports for various organisations.

One issue related to their old technology is maintenance of the entire infrastructure, which is extremely time-consuming and is not 100% efficient. The application is prone to failure.

Another weakness is the data processing time (up to 10 days for a single enquiry!), which has resulted in many bottlenecks and pipeline delays.

Customer Benefits

Benefits for Stepwise’s client:

  • Faster data processing.
  • Easier client onboarding.
  • Latest technologies used.
  • Improved process of employing new and developing current employees.
  • Easily scalable (future-proof) application.
  • Modern Tech Stack

Benefits for end customers:

  • Shorter data reception time.
  • More detailed reports.
  • Smooth-running applications.
  • More comfortable and enhanced use of UX.
  • More effective data aggregation.
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Main Challenge

This project has been associated with several major challenges. All the departments of the client’s company use on-premises technological solutions, which require on-site infrastructure maintenance and management. 

The two challenges constitute a transfer of the entire system to the cloud, and a thorough reconstruction of the tool. Our objective is to change the distribution platform that, thanks to the cloud, will run on a number of servers. This new solution will substantially accelerate data downloading and processing. Aside from efficient data transfers, the client needs flexible scaling of their solution. 

The greatest benefit for the end customer of our client will be a shorter waiting time for detailed results, from days/weeks to just a few hours/minutes. Apart from this express response time, the target application will be able to quickly filter, export and present results effectively.

Our client’s application combines a wide range of technologies. Data is obtained from external sources, IoT devices and edge computing sensors. These requirements are associated with the necessity to develop a special cloud infrastructure and integrate a number of technological solutions. Cloud native architecture will be used to achieve this goal.

Our approach

Stepwise began with an audit of the client’s specific needs. We thoroughly examined the possibilities of their existing tool and defined the areas that needed modification or improvement. We also discussed these issues with the technical teams.  

The next stage were workshops with the teams in charge of product development and sales. We found it important to understand their business. In order to deliver software that will meet the expectations of businesses and end customers, we always talk to our partners and conduct in-depth market research. 

We aim at using the best suited cloud services, which is why we also check which services from the leading cloud providers work best with the software we are developing. Our recommendation is based on our clients’ requirements. We take into consideration geographical accessibility, service diversity, and of course price. 

On the basis of this collected information and data, we presented a list of specific possibilities and solutions with the greatest potential for the developed software.

After our client approves our plan, we prepare a Proof of Concept, intended to prove that a new platform can be significantly more effective and intuitive, as well as easier to modify. We present essential possibilities for automation of the processes in the application.

Once the PoC or MVP software is ready and approved, our team will write the code of the end digital product. While developing the complete software, we closely cooperate with our client’s technical and product team.

Stepwise is aware that the client’s business is based on data. What deserves a special mention in the context of our planned activities is the development of an efficient structure based on Data warehouse and Data lake. These solutions allow storing huge amounts of data and processing it for services such as machine learning. In order to optimise the runtime application and relieve the client’s human resources, the largest possible number of processes will be automated.

Final Outcome

Our client is eager to cooperate and extend their knowledge on cloud native products. We specify the IT project assumptions together. Some segments of the application have been slightly modified or improved. We also check if the software works properly and identify its weak links, suggesting more effective and modern alternatives.

We are at the Proof of Concept stage and, along with the client, are efficiently developing this project. There is every indication that a long-term and extremely fruitful cooperation awaits us.