Cloud services

We are experts in Google Cloud Platform and we are proud of it. Regardless of which service you are thinking about (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), we will help you enter a higher level of your business.

What can your business gain from cloud services?

Cloud services are the answer to the growing needs of modern consumers. Your customer requires fast and reliable applications that are available anywhere, anytime. Aside from high performance, recipients are interested in a naturally beautiful and practical interface design and affordable prices. The benefits of cloud services meet all these requirements. What is more, cloud services are beneficial not only for end users of applications. The cloud reduces expenses, saves time, reduces project risks and flexibly scales all your ventures. Stepwise will help you move your business to the cloud and will show you how to take advantage of all its benefits

Stepwise has become the Google Cloud Partner!

Years of experience in Cloud-Native app development, Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Migration projects brought us the title of Google Service Partner. Besides, thanks to the partnership we can secure for our Clients the following benefits on GCP:

  • guarantee of working with certified professionals,
  • solutions consulted and supported by Google experts,
  • attractive discounts for ambitious projects,
  • early stage announcements for new product releases.

Cloud services save the costs of software development, implementation and maintenance.

Cloud services make it possible to significantly save on expenses related to the creation, implementation and maintenance of software. Maintaining your own infrastructure on local servers is no longer cost-effective. In-house virtual machines are associated with high costs of hardware maintenance, licence fees, security and provision of qualified IT specialists. In the cloud you only pay for the computing capacity actually used. All technical responsibilities are taken on by the provider. At Stepwise the configuration of adequate cloud infrastructure can be prepared in a moment by any developer in the team. These solutions reduce the costs of employment, infrastructure maintenance and many others

Cloud services significantly shorten the time of software development.

Development of software where data and applications are located on the company’s local infrastructure is usually very time-consuming, mainly due to the fact that most of the technical activities have to be carried out manually by qualified IT specialists. It takes Stepwise developers just a few moments to set up the cloud infrastructure themselves. Cloud solutions allow for automation of many repetitive processes. Stepwise creates software using practical and innovative tools (for monitoring, log collection, backup and many others). This is why we are able to implement your IT projects so efficiently

Cloud services significantly reduce project risk as well as the risks associated with data and application maintenance.

A lack of dispersion of files on several physical machines means that you can manage everything in one place. The system meticulously records all operations. In the event of any errors or failures, you can easily locate the source of the problem. Activity history allows you to automate processes, which significantly reduces the risk of human errors. The cloud is a perfect place to create a product prototype such as an MVP. The possibility to test an idea before incurring a huge financial outlay for a complete digital product significantly reduces the risk of failure.

Business scalability is one of the main factors that allow companies to make optimal use of all their resources.

By using cloud services you can flexibly scale your technological projects. Depending on the current needs of your business, you can easily add or remove virtual machines at any time. In the initial stages of a digital project development, you generally need less server space. In the later stages of software development, when the system contains more and more data, you can easily add more instances (virtual servers can also add themselves automatically). When after launching the number of customers grows, you still can flexibly scale the storage with full control over expenses.

Cases studies

Companies that have benefited from cloud services


Self Regulations Solutions

For a Polish start-up we created a fully scalable SaaS platform, which is now successfully implemented by 4 end clients. We have conducted complex integrations with 3rd party solutions offering risk assessment and borrower verification services. We have made sure that the final product follows the PSD2 and GDPR guidelines.


Financial Services Company

The client tried to create an ambitious and sophisticated SaaS platform targeted at the broadly understood Renewable Energy sector on the German market. We provided the client with the expected solutions based on the best practices and work standards, and most importantly, on the agreed date, responding to dynamically changing requirements.

What else do we specialise in the field of cloud services?

Custom software development and implementation of the most effective cloud solutions are not the only specialisations that Stepwise is really good at. Our offer includes many related services that will take your business to a totally new level of virtualisation. Our practice has allowed us to develop effective methods of analysing business needs and implementing technologies best suited to companies. Your best interests are our top priority, which is why we only recommend those services you really need.

It is becoming increasingly rare for new companies to set up a local server infrastructure within their organisations.

It is also becoming unprofitable to maintain such an infrastructure in companies that have been on the market for a long time. A much cheaper and more effective solution is to use cloud services. Migrating to the cloud allows you to apply all the innovative service delivery models that your end users expect. They are ideal for creating and managing easily scalable and highly available software. Companies that change their electronic service delivery models from traditional to IaaS, PaaS or SaaS with the help of Stepwise, enter a whole new level and become market leaders

Hybrid cloud services are a variety of solutions that companies can flexibly combine to best suit their individual business model.

Depending on your preference, your company can move all or only some of its data and applications to the cloud (private or public). For example, you can keep sensitive data and confidential information on your in-house virtual machines, while databases and application files can be maintained in the cloud. The decision is yours. The hybrid cloud will give you more flexibility in your operations and better alignment between technology and business. Hybrid cloud solutions also mean higher performance for your company’s systems, guaranteed data and file security, as well as significant financial savings.


Our approach to creating custom software based on cloud services

Stepwise Software House goes beyond the standard framework of an ordinary software development company. We have created an effective application development process, enriched with many innovative methods, techniques and best practices. All these factors increase the dynamics of IT project development and maximise the software quality. We constantly develop the competences of our team. We make sure that the technology we deliver serves the business best. We plan and execute orders with respect for all our clients’ resources. We rely on an innovative and creative team of IT experts to deliver digital products that meet the expectations of modern users.

Effective cloud architecture design and reliable consulting are a guarantee of proper business digitisation.

Innovative cloud services and combining them with existing business models can be a challenge. Stepwise specialises in optimally combining companies’ proven business processes with modern technologies from cloud service providers (such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services). We always strive to act as a reliable partner and mentor, guiding you through the most intricate technological issues in a clear and straightforward manner.

Until recently the development and maintenance of companies’ business-critical processes and software components only took place on physical local servers.

Today, critical systems are managed in the cloud. This new approach involves faster application development, easier project scaling and greater data security. Cloud-related services such as blockchain application design, software containerisation, process automation, machine learning and many other microservices are streamlining and improving the operations of modern business. If you are wondering if it is worth moving your business to the cloud, know that your competitors are doing just that.

The smooth running of an application is largely dependent on the technological infrastructure that is in place.

Aside from the quality of such infrastructure, the time in which the team is able to configure it is also of great importance. In the past, an additional team of administrators had to watch over the preparation of the technological environment. In the modern approach this role has been taken over by DevOps. Stepwise, drawing on the best practices of this specialisation, has developed a unique DevOps culture that permeates the DNA of our software house. Thanks to that, each of our programmers is able to configure optimal cloud infrastructure tailored to individual needs of every business in just a few minutes


Our approach to creating custom software based on data analysis

A huge amount of diverse data and new generation workloads, such as applications shared in the cloud or data analysis using virtual computing power, are creating completely new opportunities for companies to grow. At the same time, effective methods and efficient tools are required to manage them optimally and extract the most important information as quickly as possible. Stepwise supports companies in creating modern solutions for data management, analysis and presentation, which provide decision-makers with key information for the stable development of their business.

Data lakes, also known as database systems or data repositories, today represent a new generation of solutions for anyone who wants to make smart decisions that drive business growth.

Decision makers need reliable, clear and selected information. Cloud services infrastructure allows you to analyse huge data sets from many different sources in real time. The cloud also makes it possible to process this data and flexibly scale the computing capacity of virtual servers. Stepwise helps you bring the chaos of raw data under control to efficiently extract and effectively present the most critical information.

Big Data products have great potential in terms of collecting, storing and analysing business data.

Their enormous potential is used to their advantage only by those companies that are aware of all aspects of database management. Stepwise supports business with its experience and creates custom cloud solutions that allow you for considerable savings and, in addition, guarantee optimal processing efficiency and a high level of security for all the data you use (or will use) in your company.

In the era of Big Data, managing huge data sets in business should meet the highest quality requirements.

In order to create added value for the company and the customer, which will allow you to achieve a leading position, it is not enough to perform a typical technical analysis of raw data. Creativity of IT teams and out-of-the-box data analytics become a prerequisite here. The use of valuable information in business has been known for a long time. With the latest technologies, Stepwise will help you collect and manage data much more efficiently and securely, and present all findings in a unique and interesting way.


Green Bird

The platform itself was cloud-native by definition and built around cutting-edge technologies. The main challenge was to help end customers integrate various systems easier and faster by providing pre-defined connectors, adapters and a monitoring system. Another challenge we had to face was management of complex data flows, critical for the optimization of the overall grid operation.
Our Stepwise team has build our position as an expert in the field of new technologies step by step.



Codersco, our big data partner from Amsterdam, was building a platform that integrates public healthcare data from different sources. The result of our work was a fully functional web application that allowed end users to compare and analyse large quantities of data in an intuitive manner, including customization.


Have any questions in cloud services?
Here are the answers!

There’s more to people than just what they can do. And that’s why we don’t only value technical skills.

The cloud is a network of servers located around the world that, despite their different purposes and locations, operate remotely as a single system. Cloud users are provided with virtual space and computing power to collect, store and process data. The simplest example of a cloud application is an email inbox. Today, the capabilities of the most popular cloud services go far beyond standard e-mail handling and allow for the management of almost every business process in a company. Thanks to the cloud, entrepreneurs can deliver innovative applications to the market, manage knowledge in the organisation much more effectively, optimise production, and increase sales more efficiently.

The benefits of using cloud services are numerous. According to entrepreneurs, the most important advantages include significantly lower costs of maintaining the technological infrastructure in comparison to their own physical in-house servers. When using the cloud, you only pay for the resources actually used


With cloud services, you can manage multiple processes in one place. You do not need many IT specialists to manage them. At Stepwise any developer will set up the right cloud infrastructure for your business in a moment


The cloud offers almost unlimited possibilities for scaling ventures. You can use as much computing capacity as you need at any time. The number of available instances (virtual servers) in the cloud is able to cover even the largest IT projects.


Process automation in cloud services allows you to delegate many activities to the system. You can rest easy as you receive a guarantee of reliability of your services. If necessary, the system will independently check the operation of the software and fix any errors. If the number of users of your application grows rapidly and threatens the efficiency or business continuity, the system will automatically add necessary virtual server instances to maintain optimal software operation.


The benefits of cloud services also include a huge number of additional tools and products. Major cloud service providers such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft provide many solutions that can greatly enhance your business. Each of these companies offers hundreds of additional technology services for data storage, management and analysis, software creation and development, backup, and solutions for high levels of cyber security.

That is not all. There are many more benefits of cloud services. Our customers are discovering them every day. If you want to see how the cloud can improve your business, contact Stepwise!

Cloud services are one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The clouds most often chosen by businesses are Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud.

Currently, all cloud providers (Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba) present very similar offers. Which cloud provider to choose to provide the best support for your business? Aside from comparing cloud solutions themselves, Stepwise helps customers specify which cloud products may be useful to their business. As a result, our partners benefit from functionalities specifically tailored to their business and save money thanks to the optimal choice of solutions.

The security of cloud services is now at a very high level. Providers ensure many tools that allow you to protect your data and applications much more effectively, easily and cheaply than on physical servers in the local infrastructure. Aside from many technological protection solutions, Stepwise also provides its customers with individual data encryption keys. The provision of services in the cloud is also secure in terms of system performance and constant availability of services. The right infrastructure configuration, high security level and stable application operation increase the added value of services for our partners and their customers.

Stepwise is a software house with many years of experience in building innovative digital products. Since our onset, we have focused on the best design practices and effective methodology of the software development process (Agile). If you want to move your business to the cloud, Stepwise will help you analyse your needs and match the best cloud solutions to your current business model.

We respect you and your business. We know how much work it takes to create an efficient company. With our help you will develop your business and bring it into the digital age, while your company will retain its unique character. Migrating from local infrastructure to the cloud can be extremely complex and requires specific methods. We will teach you how to do it efficiently and advise you on how to effectively manage your data and applications in the cloud.

Your satisfaction is always our top priority, therefore after examining your needs, analysing the technologies you use and researching the solutions available on the market, we will suggest specific operations. With Stepwise, you gain a guarantee of clear rules and reliable actions. The final decision is up to you.

Physical servers and local infrastructure in a company are expensive and require additional staff to manage them efficiently. You have to remember about hardware maintenance, licence fees and, if a problem occurs, look for its source on individual servers manually. It is extremely difficult to make optimal use of the available disk space, so processors are either overloaded or used uneconomically. Another problem with in-house servers is the scaling of projects, which is directly related to the purchase and time-consuming configuration of another physical virtual machine as well as installation of appropriate software and connecting it to the entire network.

Why is it worth moving your digital products to the cloud? Because all the above described problems disappear when you use cloud services. In the cloud you only pay for the resources actually used. In many cases you only need one IT specialist to maintain the virtual infrastructure. Hardware, proper maintenance and solution licensing issues are handled by the cloud provider. In the event of a higher demand for server space, you can scale all your projects virtually without limit. Stepwise has developed a unique DevOps culture within its team and any of our developers can prepare an optimally configured cloud environment for you in just a few moments.

Stepwise takes an individual approach to every order. Every company is different, which is why we attach great importance to accurately determining the business needs of our customers. Custom Stepwise cloud solutions are distinguished above all by their ideal adaptation to the customer.

Each new IT project we undertake is a product of all the orders we successfully completed in the past. This allows us to apply proven design practices and the best digital product development methods in creating custom cloud solutions.

At Stepwise we consider each project in 5 key dimensions:

  1. Functionality 
  2. Product quality
  3. Beauty 
  4. Fair price
  5. Optimal time-to-market

This democratisation of software development allows us to provide our customers with innovative products that meet the requirements of modern business.

Contact us and find out how our dedicated solutions can improve your business.

Do you maintain servers in your company and wonder how to migrate a custom application to the cloud? The first step you should take is to contact Stepwise. To offer you the best solution, we will get to know your business. We will ask what effects you expect and will check the current technological status of your company

As a result, you will receive concrete proposals for cloud solutions. If necessary, we will advise you on how to optimally adapt your software to the advanced cloud technology. Together, we will choose the cloud provider that will provide your company with the best support. Stepwise uses a number of proven tools to make the migration process exceptionally smooth.

Hybrid cloud allows you to use local infrastructure (or private cloud) and public cloud in parallel. Each company has its own unique business model and its own rules of operation. It may turn out that in your case, moving only part of your data to the cloud will work best. You can still keep the most sensitive resources on bare-metal in-house

The hybrid cloud is also the ideal solution if you don’t want to move anything from your physical servers but lack the computing capacity. Cloud services will give you the flexibility and scalability you need. Innovative hybrid clouds also allow you to use edge systems efficiently and securely.

Setting up your cloud infrastructure with Stepwise can be done in an instant. The time necessary to set up cloud services depends on your business needs and how collaborative you are. Importantly, you do not need an additional DevOps specialist in your team. This methodology is deeply embedded in Stepwise’s DNA, thanks to which each of our developers is able to prepare the right cloud infrastructure for your company on their own. If you are ready to collaborate and answer calls, it can take us very little time to create a cloud infrastructure perfectly suited to your business. It all depends on you.

Absolutely! One of the main advantages of cloud services is reliability. Today clouds offer flexibility of operation, unlimited scalability of IT projects, automation of many business processes and constant availability of electronic services.

If your customers expect reliability, IaaS, PaaS or SaaS services are the perfect  solutions. Many innovative cloud tools and products will allow you to save money, streamline your business and ensure high quality of service at the same time.

As a result, your customers will get permanent and unlimited access to their favourite application or the data they need, and you will gain a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Data lakes are collections of raw, often unstructured data from many different sources. In the era of Big Data, companies have a mass of information at their disposal that only takes on real value with proper analytics. Data lakes allow huge amounts of data to be analysed in real time. The results obtained support smart business decisions and can drive the machine learning of many applications.

Data lakes are repositories that you can use for many business problems in your company. Innovative Big Data management tools allow you to efficiently extract the key information from any collection to make the best knowledge-based decisions.

The companies which are able to distinguish themselves at every level of activity become market leaders. This is only possible on the basis of reliable and reliably analysed data. How to analyse data to become a market leader? Nowadays you have at your disposal a huge amount of data from many different sources. It becomes crucial to choose the right sets of data to solve a specific business problem. The time in which you do this is also extremely important. For decision-makers, the right presentation of findings is also essential

Stepwise has been supporting its customers in creating and developing innovative digital products for efficient data collection, management, effective analysis and out-of-the-box presentation for years. This enables our partners to make effective business decisions and dynamically develop their companies, well ahead of the competition. Contact us and find out more about how to analyse your company’s data to become a leader in your market.

Big Data is a huge collection of data and information that you can use to grow your business. They are at your fingertips, but without proper analysis Big Data becomes worthless. If you want to start using Big Data effectively, you need innovative solutions and tools, as well as reliable advice from a technological company

Stepwise is able to provide you with the right support, regardless of your company’s level of technological knowledge. We can create custom software for you to collect and manage data. We will provide you with substantive consulting and advise you on how to effectively use Big Data in your company. We go beyond the usual schemes of typical software houses, ensuring clear rules of cooperation, the highest quality of services and support from all IT experts in our team.

Stepwise efficient software development methods and best design practices guarantee you reliable and innovative solutions that help you take your business to a whole new level of digitalisation. Contact us and find out more. We are always easy to talk to!!

Not sure if Stepwise is the software development company for you?

Stepwise is a software house with a unique set of technological competences and vast experience in creating dedicated software for companies. We help our partners digitize their businesses, develop custom software, improve their analytical capabilities, deliver effective communication technologies and provide proven cloud solutions.

Stepwise is a unique software development company where each order is treated individually. We offer solutions best suited to your business. You gain the guarantee of the most effective solutions and respect for your investment.

Still not sure if Stepwise is the software development company for you? Check on Clutch platform what our former and current partners think about us or write to us – let’s talk!