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Who we are

Our team is diverse and each member has a unique set of skills that they can share with others. We care about each other and all strive to better ourselves professionally. It may sound cliche, but we do everything in our power to really be a family.

No matter what you do, you will be a part of the team and be invited to all of our activities: parties, dinners, even squash matches.

This Is Cool

What we do

Our team mixes different competencies to provide well-rounded services. We are more than just developers.

Stepwise constantly invests in developing skills like business development, communication, management and analytics. That’s why our team can handle any challenge and bring fresh, new ideas for our clients.

Our culture

What we value

There’s more to people than just what they can do. And that’s why we don’t only value technical skills.

We believe that communication can solve anything. We constantly perfect our processes to make sure everything always goes smoothly.

If we want to deliver, everyone needs to be on the same page. Our approach is to always say it like it is. No matter good or bad.

Trust yourself and trust in your skills. Every person on our team should feel confident and never doubt their expertise.

No one’s perfect. And there’s always room for growth. We provide our team with opportunities to grow and we expect everyone to be willing to learn more.

We work together. We deliver together. And we need to support each other in order to create outstanding products.

There’s more to successful projects than just technical excellence. At Stepwise you will have opportunities to develop your business skills and use that knowledge to better your work.

Because we believe everyone should always learn and grow, you need to embrace failures. Mistakes are what you learn from, after all.

Here at Stepwise, being a team is key. Pair programming is a great way to ensure everyone is in sync and eliminate errors at the same time! It also helps you learn and work faster, besides making friends.

We start each project with a thorough research phase to discover any problem areas of our client’s business. Matching the tech stack to their specific problems and needs is what makes our work successful.

Become One Of Us

What we offer

Great Work Environment 

We carefully choose everyone on our team and keep everything friendly. And we value communication and honesty above all.

Smooth Onboarding

We know that joining a new team is nerve wracking so we set up onboarding processes to make it easy and quick for you to get to know us.

No Corporate Talk

There’s no corporate procedures and boring paperwork here. We strive for agility and efficiency so there’s no place for small, mundane tasks that might hold us back.

Control Over Your Work

At Stepwise, you will have the freedom to choose your tech stack based on your expertise and the project’s needs. We trust you to be the expert

Opportunities To Grow

Each person on the team gets their own budget to develop their skills and learn new things. Whether you’d like to become a better developer or step up your soft skills – we’ve got you.

Perks & Benefits

We think that caring for people is how you show them appreciation, so at Stepwise you will get free lunches, private healthcare, gym memberships, 1:1 English classes with a native speaker and more!

International Clients

We carefully choose each company we work with. It’s all about the connection and chemistry. We want you to feel good about the work you do.

Modern Office

Both literally and figuratively. There’s no dress codes and outdated procedures. We have a startup-like atmosphere and a flat company structure.

Great Team

Everyone will tell you that they have a great team. And we’re saying – come and check it out!

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