Web development

Our team builds well-designed, responsive and performant web applications. We are experts in implementing solutions that use analytics for business purposes, which will become your competitive advantage in the constantly growing, changing market.


Our team will guide you through each stage of a web app development process. From ideation, through validation, sketching and designing, to development and launch. With the help of our expert designers and developers you will be able to create an application that features both – excellent design and performance.

Over the years, we have gathered multiple insights when it comes to mobile development and we will be happy to share this knowledge with you. The Stepwise team will take care of each aspect of your app and ensure its excellent performance. After the launch, we will also help you with improvements and maintenance.

To suit your business needs, our team will help you develop and implement state-of-the-art map-based solutions. Whether you need something completely custom or are looking to implement some existing maps into your product – Stepwise will help you with everything along the way.

We understand the importance of data for your business. Our team is experienced when it comes to handling information, analysing it and presenting it in an easy to understand manner.

We are always up-to-date with all the new solutions and will help you implement them. Our team can create a beautiful, Progressive Web App for you, which will combine the best features of web with the best features of mobile.

What we use: