Tech Audits & Consulting

Are you sure that your software works as you expect it? Do you want to know if there are any areas you can improve? Or maybe you are aware of possible points of failure? Stepwise will create a detailed, high-quality tech audit for your company, divided into blocks dedicated to every department. Our experts conduct every audit process and will support your company with their extensive knowledge and rich experience.


Stepwise technical due diligence experts will help you to assess the risk related to your business. We will assist you with a detailed review of all the technical aspects of your project. Our team has extensive experience with technical debt verification and will provide you protection to your investment by identifying and minimizing risks.

Every company, at some point, reaches a wall that is impossible to pass without tech scouting and implementing new innovative technology. Therefore, in the tech audit performed by Stepwise, you will be able to find a detailed analysis of the current technology and possible suggestions for implementing a new one.

Our Software Architecture Review is an excellent opportunity for your company to check your code architecture. The primary goal of this review is to increase software quality and help you to spot faults before they become real disaster. Remember that when you are growing fast, your architecture can get to the point where solving problems in the house could be a real problem. The fast pace of product growth forces you to choose the right technology at the early stages of development. Thus, our architects will provide comprehensive feedback that will help you choose the best one.
How often do you think about security? Do you update your system patches regularly? Maybe you are not sure if your client systems are safe. Our Tech Audits have an exclusive chapter for security where we will point you all the bugs and problems. During ten years of our experience, we have reviewed many security systems and found countless number of vulnerability.

UX review is a great and fast way to improve your product quality significantly. Our UX experts make a complex app audit to find UX issues and places to implement changes. Stepwise will also compare your products to competitors to make user experience review even more reliable. After a detailed audit, we will help you to implement all the necessary changes later on.

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