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Tailor-Made Energy Usage & Control

Energy Efficiency Platforms

Energy Efficiency Platforms

It is more important now than ever to become more sustainable and aware of our energy consumption. We know how important it is to track and analyze our energy usage to move forward into being more sustainable. That’s why our team will help you build excellent energy efficiency platforms. Platforms that can do anything - from measuring energy production and consumption, monitoring hardware’s performance to reporting issues real-time.
Building Management Platforms

Building Management Platforms

Managing entire buildings can be made easy. We will create and implement a smart platform that can take measurements, manage outages as well as collect and analyze data to provide further optimization. A system like this will help you reduce the energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions.
Energy Transmission Optimization

Energy Transmission Optimization

Creating sustainable energy sources is one thing but it’s also important to manage our usage efficiently. Our team can create systems for you that will manage the power’s production and consumption to optimize the usage and production. This way, we get the most out of sustainable energy sources and our energy.

Intelligent Energy

Demand Response / Smart Grid Solutions /
Micro-grid Optimisation

If the main grid is supported by Demand Response programs, you can use your energy much more efficiently. Our team specializes in implementing those programs. Thanks to the Demand Response programs, the end user is able to control and manage his energy usage. The user can access energy usage data and act quickly if there’s any energy peaks. Our solutions link smart grids with micro-grids and personal DR to make energy use more sustainable and utilize more of the renewable energy sources.

Solutions for STOR / Capacity Market / Frequency Response / Triad Management

High connectivity on a big scale is essential to tackle challenges like securing the energy capacity and balancing the demand. External sources need to be able to support the national grid with their reserves and respond quickly to changes. We help to overcome these challenges with solutions for short-term operating reserve (STOR), capacity market, frequency response and triad management. The solutions help support the main grid with emergency reserves when the demand is peaking or there’s generation problems.

Peak Shaving / Load Balancing Solutions

We understand how important it is to properly manage energy usage. Whether it’s industrial or commercial users, everyone needs a leveled-out, optimized and balanced energy. Our team can deliver a wide variety of solutions to help you shave off peaks and reduce the consumption when the demand is too high. Depending on your specific needs, we can create solutions to scale down the production, using batteries or temporarily reducing the production when the demand is lower.

Efficient Power Management Based On Data

Portfolio Analysis Tools

Each business needs insights into their own operations to grow and become better. That’s why we offer extensive tools to analyze your historical data and find room for improvements. We will analyze your portfolio to verify its environmental, social and governance performance as well as identify the value of your sustainability efforts. This way, you will be able to make better decisions in the future.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

While we can’t predict the future, we sure can create excellent predictive analytics that will. Solutions based on Machine Learning and AI will analyze your historical data, find patterns and help you optimize your energy usage to save money and become more sustainable in the future.

Metering & Monitoring Solutions

To control the demand, avoid peaks and save costs you need to monitor your power consumption. We will help you create solutions that provide real-time insights into your usage so that you can always react quickly to optimize energy generation and usage as well as increase the efficiency of your energy use.

The Way To Ultimate Efficiency

Benchmarking Solutions & Platforms

Benchmarking Solutions & Platforms

To deliver better solutions and bring innovation into the game, each company in every industry needs to constantly analyze the environment, their and their competitors’ assets. Our tools will help you understand current market trends and your business’s capacity on the market. This way, you will be able to make better investment decisions for the future.
Performance Optimization Solutions

Performance Optimization Solutions

Optimizing your energy consumption is about more than just lowering costs. It’s about minimizing risks and being more sustainable. Our optimization solutions will help you tackle those challenges whether it’s a single device or a whole network so that you’re always at your best.
Cost Optimization Analysis

Cost Optimization Analysis

Inefficiency is expensive. And there’s no need to waste money on inefficiencies. We will provide you with a variety of tools to spot and tackle any problem areas in your energy consumption. Then, we will provide you with potential solutions to make improvements and reinvest your newly saved assets.

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