Backend development

Backend Development  is where our company really shines. Our software architects and top-notch backend developers are ready to build your software and improve your business processes. They will create secure, efficient and flexible solutions just for you.


Each company has its own, specific needs. That’s why, our expert team will come up with and develop custom software to suit your business goals and support your company. Building a custom system can be a great competitive advantage.

Our software architects are experienced specialists when it comes to creating software infrastructures. They will analyze your needs and come up with the solution that’s best for you – whether it will be a microservices architecture, an event-driven architecture or a domain-driven one. All in an effort to provide you with more flexibility and efficiency.

We understand how important it is to constantly improve your processes. That’s why, our team of experienced business analysts will help you analyze, manage, measure and optimize your processes to provide the most efficiency. It’s not about changing your business, it’s about improving it.

It is important for every business to plan ahead. We offer Research and Backend Development services to help you gain insights into the future of your market, your users, your product and your competitors. This information will help you make better business decisions and improve your users’ experience.

If you need help, we will not leave you alone. Our team will provide you continuous support with integrations, delivery and deployment. Stepwise specialists will be your help along the whole process and offer their knowledge and advice to make sure everything runs smoothly.

As your business grows, your needs change. It is easy to overlook any potential things that need improvements. Our team will conduct a thorough audit of your existing software, examining its architecture, security and performance, to find weak spots. You will get a detailed report of our findings along with suggestions for improvements. Our Stepwise backend developers can also help you implement the necessary changes.

Our team can help you conduct a software development process audit that will identify any problems in your ongoing projects – from the software to team members’ performance. This audit is a tool used continuously throughout the project to minimize risk and optimize processes and team’s performance.

What we use: