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E. Wedel Czekoladowy Weekend – czyli jak dzięki technologi nadwyrężyć swój wizerunek

E. Wedel, najstarsza fabryka czekolady w Polsce jak co roku, również w 2018 postanowiła zorganizować Czekoladowy Weekend. Idea wręcz magiczna. Oto przez dwa dni w roku (8 i 9 grudnia), czyli tuż przed świętami fabryka otwiera swoje drzwi dla dzieci i ich rodziców pokazując proces wytwarzania czekolady oraz rozdaje czekoladowe słodkości w swoich pięknie wystrojonych […]

Versioning Docker images with Gradle and Git

On this blog post I’m going to show you how to configure Gradle to version Docker images using Git information. You can use similar approach for versioning different artifacts (jar, war, etc.). We will be using: Git Gradle 3.5 Git-Version Gradle Plugin 0.7.3 Gradle-Docker plugin Spring Boot 2.0.0.M1 If you prefer reading code than text […]

Cyber Security of e-commerce

For all businesses that provides their services or goods online, security is one of the most important aspects of their operations. Even more, their future, cash flow and reputation of their brands depends on properly secured systems. This is regardless the tech stack in use, mobile/desktop services, server/cloud based solution or sector of the market.

MVP Factory for Finetech

Stepwise has recently participated in a number of business meetings, where our Partners have presented us visions of development of their products. And others have been telling us about the new products that they would like to create and conquer the market with. Despite careful preparation and great ideas, each of these companies had some […]